Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University


Adviser Program and Academic Achievement Register

The Okayama University Faculty of Engineering has an adviser program. Advisory teaching staff members provide consultation tailored to individual students’ needs or concerns about everything from courses to take to personal life, to help students have a fulfilling campus life. At the beginning of each term, each student has an interview with an advisory teacher. During this interview, the student, with the advisory teacher, makes a self-evaluation of his/her academic achievements in the previous term and sets academic objectives for the new term, recording them in his/her academic achievement register.

The Faculty thereby provides students with the opportunity to have such one-on-one personal consultations, encouraging them to learn effectively.

Example Register Entries:

 □ Learning goals for 4 years in university
 □ Non-learning goals for 4 years in university
 □ Qualification goals
 □ Achievement of learning goals while in university
 □ Retrospect of past university life