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Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematical and Data Sciences Program

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Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematical and Data Sciences Program

Emerging technologies related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming numerous industries and daily life around the globe. These technologies enable us to collect a huge amount of information from a vast number of sensors via the Internet and to analyze it using methodologies in AI and data sciences. This has led to the development of innovative information and communication technology (ICT) services and the realization of safe, secure, and sustainable societies. This program provides students with basic to advanced knowledge on information and intelligence engineering, communication network engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and mathematical and data sciences, which form the basis of AI, Big Data, and IoT, in a systematic and practical manner.


Education and Research Fields

Information Technology: Today, our lives and businesses cannot exist without information systems. This track provides students with basic knowledge on the application of information technology that serves as the social infrastructure supporting our lives, as well as covers rapidly evolving AI technologies. It also educates students to be engineers and researchers who play an active part on the front lines of our highly information-oriented societies. The track pursues research including computer engineering and intelligent software.

Network Engineering: In the coming IoT era, new ICT services such as autonomous driving, FinTech, and MaaS (mobility as a service) will be achieved by connecting various devices to the Internet and merging our cyber and physical worlds. This track provides students with basic to advanced knowledge of technologies such as communication network engineering and information security engineering, which are the foundation of IoT, and educates them to be engineers and researchers who are familiar with information and communication technology. The track pursues research that includes wireless communications, computer networks, information security, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Energy and Electronics: Technologies related to energy and electronics are specialized technologies that support our day-to-day lives. In order to create a sustainable society, it is essential that we use energy efficiently. This track provides students with basic knowledge on the application of electrical and electronic engineering technologies, such as electric circuits, electromagnetics, superconductivity, and power electronics, and educates them to be top-class engineers and researchers with a truly broad perspective. The track covers such research areas as energy, electronics, and materials.

Mathematical and Data Sciences: To improve quality of life and maintain a sustainable society, analyses of natural and social phenomena are necessary to evaluate the effects of human activities and predict potential results under varying conditions. To do this, mathematical and statistical insights and methodologies, together with advanced computing techniques, play essential roles. This course provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in the mathematical and data sciences, and educates them to be engineers and scientists who have acquired the ability to conduct evidence-based discussions and to make objective decisions. The course encourages students to explore phenomena that have been proactively elucidated and to solve social issues.


Staff and Research Projects

(As of June. 27, 2023)

Research Area
Research Theme
Human Centric Information Processing Professor ABE Masanobu Speech, Signal processing, Lifelog, Human interface, Home networking
Senior Assistant Professor AIDA Toshiaki Probabilistic information processing, Statistical inference, Statistical mechanics
Assistant Professor HARA Sunao Speech processing, Digital signal processing, Spoken dialog system, Lifelog

Computer Engineering

Professor YAMAUCHI Toshihiro Operating system, Computer security
Professor WATANABE Minoru Reconfigurable system, radiation-hardened system and device, computer architecture
Associate Professor NOMURA Yoshinari Software
Associate Professor LIN Donghui Multi-agent system, Service-oriented computing, Internet of Things
Assistant Professor WATANABE Nobuya Computer system software, Comuter architecture
Assistant Professor KOBAYASHI Satoru Network system operation
Pattern Information Processing Associate Professor TAKEUCHI Koichi Natural language processing, Lexical semantics, Terminology
Intelligent Design Professor OHTA Manabu Information retrieval
Associate Professor GOTOH Yusuke Broadcasting, Data streaming, Spatial computing
Assistant Professor UWANO Fumito Multi-agent system, Reinforcement learning
Theory of Programming and Artificial Intelligence Professor TAKAHASHI Norikazu Information and mathematical engineering, Network science, Graph theory, Optimization, Nonlinear systems
Professor MONDEN Akito Empirical Software Engineering, Software Protection
Associate Professor YÜCEL Zeynep Robotics, Computer vision, Pattern recognition, Human behavior understading
Assistant Professor MIGITA Tsuyoshi Computer vision
Research Associate YAMANE Ryo Computer vision, Motion capture
Computer Networks and Medical Information Professor YOKOHIRA Tokumi ・Highly Distributed Cloud Computing Environment
・Design of Virtual Network
・Technologies to Upgrade the Speed of the Internet
・Technologies to Increase the Fault Tolerance of the Internet
Assistant Professor TARUTANI Yuya ・Design of Smart Network based on IoT(Internet of Things)
・Research on Security in IoT devices
・Research on Virtual Network Reconfiguration on Optical Network
Mobile Communications Professor UEHARA Kazuhiro Research on mobile communications
Associate Professor TOMISATO Shigeru Research on Signal Transmission for Mobile Radio Communication Systems
Multimedia Radio Systems Professor DENNO Satoshi Research on multimedia radio systems
Assistant Professor HOU Yafei ・Research on machine learning for cognitive radio IoT system
・Research on indoor 2D/3D localization using leaky coaxial (LCX) cables and antenna technique
・Research on massive multiuser MIMO system for beyond 5G/6G wireless communication systems
・Research on next generation TV broadcast system
Distributed System Design Professor FUNABIKI Nobuo Studies of programming/performance self-study assisting systems, wireless computer networks, distributed computing system, and air-conditioning guidance system
Associate Professor KURIBAYASHI Minoru ・Research on Multimedia Security and Forensics
・Research on Copyright Protection
・Detection of Malicious Activities on Deep Neural Network
Optical and Electromagnetic Waves Professor TOYOTA Yoshitaka ・Measurement, Modeling, Simulation, and Design of Electrical and Electronic Devices and Systems with relation to Electromagnetic Compatibility
・Control of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation by Periodic Structures
・Study on Mode-Conversion Suppression in Multi-Conductor Transmission Line Based on Imbalance Matching
Assistant Professor IOKIBE Kengo ・Measurement, Modeling, Simulation, and Design of Electrical and Electronic Devices and Systems with relation to Electromagnetic Compatibility
・Study on Side-channel Attack Resistance Simulation and Design for Cryptographic Devices
Information Security Professor NOGAMI Yasuyuki Research on information security
Assistant Professor KODERA Yuta Research on information security
Network Systems Associate Professor FUKUSHIMA Yukinobu ・Research on Knowledge-Defined Networking
・Research on virtual network embedding
・Design and control of network infrastructure in edge computing
Power System and Energy Network Engineering Associate Professor TAKAHASHI Akiko ・Study on energy management for distributed generation systems
・Study on voltage control and optimal allocation of FACTS in distribution systems with a large number of PV systems and EVs
・Development of measuring methods for solar irradiance based on image analysis
Advanced Electro Measurement Technology Professor KIWA Toshihiko ・Detection of bio-related materials with extremely small volume using terahertz chemical microscopy
・Non-destructive in-situ evaluation of rechargeable batteries using terahertz chemical microscopy
・Ultra sensitive measurements system for immuno reactions using a SQUIDs
・Compact high-sensitive chemical sensor devices
Associate Professor SAKAI Kenji ・Development of magnetic measurement system using a highly sensitive magnetic sensor
・Development of magnetic measurement system using a highly sensitive magnetic sensor Non-destructive testing of a defect and hardness of steel
・Non-destructive Non-contact measurements systems for degradation or cracks in architectures
Assistant Professor WANG Jin Development of small molecules chemical/bio sensor
Applied Superconductivity Engineering Professor KIM SeokBoem Research on applied superconductivity engineering
Associate Professor UEDA Hiroshi ・Research on high temperature superconducting magnet for NMR and MRI applications, and medical accelerator
・Development of high gradient magnetic separation system
・Research on advanced electromagnetic field analysis
・Research on superconducting electric machine for environment applications
Assistant Professor INOUE Ryouta Research on applied superconductivity engineering
Electric Power Conversion System Engineering Professor HIRAKI Eiji Research on electric power conversion system engineering
Associate Professor UMETANI Kazuhiro
Assistant Professor ISHIHARA Masataka Research on electric power conversion system engineering
Motor System Engineering Professor TAKEMOTO Masatsugu Research on motor system engineering
Assistant Professor TSUNATA Ren Research on Motor System Engineering
Electronic Control Engineering Associate Professor IMAI Jun ・Development of highly reliable embedded systems
・Design of high-performance and energy-saving electronic control systems
・Research on modeling and control of cyber-physical systems with transmission delay
Microwave Circuits Associate Professor SANAGI Minoru ・Development of microwave multiple-port power divider/combiner
・Development of efficient amplifier and oscillator in microwave band
・Research on microwave-DC interconversion
Nanodevice and Materials Engineering Professor HAYASHI Yasuhiko Research on nanodevice and materials engineering
Associate Professor YAMASHITA Yoshifumi ・Study on dislocation dynamics in semiconductors
・Study on effects of hydrogen on the properties of lattice defects in semiconductors
・Study on the properties of metallic impurities in poly-silicon for solar cell
Assistant Professor NISHIKAWA Takeshi Research on nanodevice and materials engineering
Assistant Professor SUZUKI Hiroo Research on nanodevice and materials engineering
Multiscale Device Design Professor TSURUTA Kenji Research on multiscale device design
Optoelectronic and Electromagnetic Wave Engineering Professor FUKANO Hideki ・Optical fiber sensors
・Optical fiber sensors using evanescent wave
・Optical fiber probes for medical application
Associate Professor FUJIMORI Kazuhiro Research on optoelectronic and electromagnetic wave engineering
Applied Mathematical Analysis Professor SASAKI Toru Applied mathematical analysis and its applications to mathematical biology
Probability theory Associate Professor KAWAMOTO Yosuke Analysis on random matrices and infinite particle systems
Software Analytics Specially Appointed Assistant Professor NISHIURA Kinari Software engineering, Machine learning,
Source code generation, Data mining,
Combinatorial testing using statistical analysis
Mathematical and numerical analysis of natural phenomena Associate Professor OBUSE Kiori Mathematical understanding and descriptions of mechanisms of natural phenomena
Computational Fluid Science Professor ISHIHARA Takashi Computational, mathematical, and data sciences of complex fluid flow phenomena
Statistical Modeling Professor SAKAMOTO Wataru Statistical modeling and computing for analyzing data in environmental and life science
Statistical approaches for spatio-temporal data Professor ISHIOKA Fumio Detection of spatial, temporal and space-time clustering for environmental and life science data
Applied Algebra Professor HAYASAKA Futoshi Commutative algebra and its applications to computational method in applied mathematics
Applied mathematics Senior Assistant Professor NAKAI Kengo Evaluation of a data-driven model from dynamical system point of view
Topological data analysis Professor OBAYASHI Ippei Theory, algorithm, software, and applicatoins of topological data analysis, especially persistent homology
Data-driven Fluid Mechanics Associate Professor SEKIMOTO Atsushi State-of-art numerical simulation and data-driven evironmental and informational modeling for the prediction and control of complex phenomena. 
Multivariate statistics Senior Assistant Professor TAKAGISHI Mariko Developing multivariate statistical methods or machine learning approach for data analysis
Senior Assistant Professor OHKUBO Yusaku