Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University


Facts and Figures

The Faculty of Engineering consists of four programs:

  •  Mechanical and Systems Engineering Program (capacity: about 160 students)
  •  Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Management Program (capacity: about 90 students)
  •  Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematical and Data Sciences Program (capacity: about 190 students)
  •  Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology Program (capacity: about 170 students)

In addition, the following special features are prepared:

1.Supporting system for the student career and university life

  • Education support
  •  Design of university life
  •  Further study in graduate program and job searching
  •  Arrangement of internship

2.Special subjects for practical engineering education

  • Society 5.0 for SDGs
  • Data science
  • International exchange and overseas training
  • Communication theory and ethics education