Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University



The Faculty of Engineering of Okayama University was established in 1960 in response to a long-cherished desire of the people in Okayama Prefecture as well as Okayama University. Starting with two Departments (Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry), the Faculty of Engineering has been dramatically changed with establishing new departments until now as shown in Figure 1. Those departments have been proposed according to the needs of our society. Moreover, after establishing the Graduate School of Engineering (Master’s Program) in 1964 and a Doctorate Program in 1985, the Faculty of Engineering has improved both its teaching staff and research area. Now, a new faculty was established in 2021 with the four Programs and ten Courses. This is the biggest Faculty of Engineering in Chugoku and Shikoku region in Japan: The Mechanical and Systems Engineering program with two Courses, the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Management program with two Courses, the Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematical and Data Sciences program with four Courses and the Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology program with two Courses. In 2005, all the faculty members were affiliated with the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology where they are engaged in their research, and in 2019, along with the establishment of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems (ISEHS), some of the members were transferred to ISEHS.

Engineering Building No.1 (1962)

Engineering Building No.1 (1962)

Opening Ceremony of Faculty of Engineering Opening Ceremony of Faculty of Engineering

Opening Ceremony of Faculty of Engineering