Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University


The Dean's Welcome Message


Pioneers to a bright future

On April 1, 2021, the new "Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University" was born. Engineering at Okayama University has a long history. “The Faculty of Engineering” was founded in 1960, in the midst of high economic growth, as the sixth faculty of Okayama University. The local business community and the citizens of Okayama Prefecture had great expectations for The Faculty of Engineering which were exceeded. Subsequently, “The Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering” was established in 1994. The Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering was the first national university to bear the word “environment”. This was in recognition of the need to face the environmental problems that were becoming more serious due to human activities. From 2021, Okayama University will reorganize and integrate the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering to make a new start as the new "Okayama University Faculty of Engineering" with the slogan of “A practical education of Society 5.0 for SDGs”.

Science and technology support our lives through engineering allowing us to live safe, healthy, and fulfilled lives. With greater environmental and social challenges facing society, Okayama University realized there is a greater need to expand the scope of engineering and so has completed a reorganization. The new, integrated, “Faculty of Engineering”, will have one department, the "Engineering Department". There will be four programs: (the Mechanical and System Engineering Program; the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Management Program; the Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematical and Data Sciences Program; and, the Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology Program) with 10 tracks. This reorganization and integration will allow the Okayama University Faculty of Engineering to cover almost all research fields of engineering in a creative engineering program that can lead the future society through cross-disciplinary learning that is not bound by conventional departments.

 One of the highlights of the new Faculty of Engineering is the beginning of " Architecture Specialization" in the newly established in the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Management Program. This is the first program for learning architecture in our university, Okayama University has received a great deal of advice from architect Kengo Kuma related to the design of the program. Kengo Kuma has also kindly agreed to be a special invited professor at Okayama University. Another highlight is the Mathematical and Data Sciences Program. Nowadays, the importance of data science literacy is strongly felt and so Okayama University has given a high priority to developing this field. Finally, we will continue to provide the education in environmental science that was have cultivated in the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Please join us in creating a new future at the Faculty of New Engineering?

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Seiji Suga